The Feminine Principle (2016-2018)

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The Feminine Principle offers an alternative to the often divisive gender debate, by providing a creative platform for a unifying dialogue on our strengths and commonalities found within the masculine and feminine principles that reside within all of us


We believe in a society of equality.

The Feminine Principle uses poetry and dialogue to provide a space for creativity, open non-judgemental communication and self-reflection.
By harnessing the power of creativity and dialogue we can discover and explore the elements of our identities that may have formed through social conditioning and challenge harmful gender stereotypes. By nurturing both our feminine and masculine energies we can create a well-balanced whole in each of us.

We aim to connect participants on three levels.

Identity: our workshops provide a creative and non-judgemental space for participants to explore their identity and understand how their emotions affect their feelings, values and beliefs, resulting in a stronger sense of authentic identity and emotional resilience. 

Society: by participating in engaging personal and group work, supported by creative practices and dialogue, participants will be able to improve their relationships with and understanding of others by developing empathy, awareness and improving their listening skills.

Environment: in a wider context our work aims to contribute to a cultural paradigm shift, with a focus on well-being, sustainability and a deeper connection to the natural world.

“The most important reason why we are out of balance with Nature is the fact that we have lost complete sight of this unifying aspect and have made the feminine principle as well as Life and our Earth our enemy”-The Whole Elephant Revealed, Marja de Vries

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We are equally concerned about the impact of harmful gender stereotyping on females, males and those who do not wish to be labelled by gender. By exploring the root causes of gender inequality, and challenging harmful gender stereotypes, within a creative and non-judgemental environment we are able to support individuals and groups on a transformative learning journey. 

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Our work explores the feminine principle and the innate feminine and masculine energies that exist within all of us regardless of gender.  We discuss the qualities of both feminine and masculine energies; explore emotions meaningfully and consider how these influence thinking and behaviour in our lives and society. 

Creativity is the key to unlocking knowledge of our inner selves and building strong, open relationships with each other.  We believe increasing opportunities for self-knowledge and understanding, and improved relationships will help create a more harmonious and balanced society, allowing us to exist peacefully alongside each other.

Using a variety of poetry and creative techniques, and framed by Bohm Dialogue,  the topic is introduced to the workshop participants to be examined on both a personal and group level. 

The exercises used ensure that the workshop is accessible to all, regardless of previous creative writing experience or knowledge of the topic. The tone of the workshop is inclusive and informal and the objectives are for it to be thought-provoking, empowering and connecting.

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