The Big Think

The Big Think (TBT) is an empowering whole-school, whole-child, wellbeing programme that has been developed to help children aged 4 to 11 build positive relationships, become aware of their behaviour in the context of values and choices, and develop a sense of who they are. TBT uses a unique structure of KS1 and KS2 talking Assemblies that introduce a weekly Value and The Big Question across the whole-school, with immediate follow-up sessions back in class for more personal exploration and reflection. 

I worked with TBT Curriculum Developer, Sarah Pengelly to develop a dialogue process to introduce the programme and its special features and content to the school, pupils and parents. The pre-programme Community Values Dialogue invites teachers, staff, parents and children to explore their personal and shared values and increase understanding, improve relationships and strengthen existing school values.

To read more about this process and listen to a short excerpt from a dialogue ‘check-out’ please visit The Big Think website here.

Since collaborating with TBT on the introduction of a community dialogue process to the programme I have since become a Trustee for the Human Values Foundation. The Big Think has been developed by The Human Values Foundation (HVF). HVF was formed as a charity in 1995 to encourage, promote and develop human values among young people through its educational programmes, publications, exhibitions, conferences and staff exploration sessions. It has a proven approach of creating and supplying materials that help to embed a positive values culture in schools.