Digify (Livity)

One of my favourite projects to work on to date has been the Digify programme with youth marketing agency, Livity. Digify is a training & placement programme to address the lack of diversity in the digital & creative industries. I worked with two cohorts over the course of their training, both the 8-week in-house training - providing 4 half-day Mindful Communication workshops, and during their 6 month placements - providing two further supportive sessions: a reflective workshop and dialogue.

Although I was sceptical about it at the start, I really did enjoy being able to express myself in a much more personal way than normal. The sessions made me a lot more confident in my ability to think a lot deeper about the ways in which talking out loud can really be a real force for powerful expression.' - previous workshop participant.

I think the workshop had a good balance of self-reflective activities and collaborative that allowed us to not only get to know each other better, but to get to know ourselves better.' - previous workshop participant