Hope Through Dialogue (2017-2019)

You may ask, if we have such pressing problems why we should waste our time just talking. But I say that our problems originate because we can’t engage in this activity of just talking together, and when we try to deal with our serious problems, we find that we are not meeting.
David Bohm, On Dialogue

I was invited to assist with the project ‘Hope Through Dialogue’ by the artist Hester Reeve. This pilot project sought to examine the experience of transition from a CAT C to CAT D prison using Bohm Dialogue as a research methodology. We found ourselves, as artists, in dialogue with the staff, prisoners, culture and environment of HMP Sudbury, allowing meaning making and cultural cohesion to emerge through dialogue and ‘cultural agitation.’

Below is a series of reflective journal pages that illustrate my experience throughout the project.