Designing Empathy - Prison Letters Project (2014)

I began volunteering with the UK social enterprise Fine Cell Work in 2012, utilising my skills in hand embroidery.  During an interview with Fine Cell Work staff for my MA research, I was informed of a collection of letters written by prisoners involved in the embroidery work.  Ranging from the mundane discussion of thread colours to the profound impact the embroidery has had on their wellbeing, I was inspired by these letters to create a collection of fashion scarves that by the subtle incorporation of the text into the print designs, aims to communicate a more empathetic view of the prisoners and the benefit the creative act of embroidery brings to their lives in prison, and the wider implications of creativity in the rehabilitative process.  

These scarves were exhibited as part of the University of the Arts 'Voice For Change' exhibition, 12th January-29th March 2015, curated by Dilys Williams and Camilla Palestra, Centre For Sustainable Fashion.