This workshops looks to facilitate meaningful dialogue on values and interests through the participation in simple exercises and group discussion.  The objective of this workshop is to increase the discourse on personal and shared values as a foundation to sustainable thinking, as well as to improve the participants relationship and understanding of themselves and others. 

Each workshop begins with a short mindfulness exercise and the reading aloud of the 'dialogue guidelines.'

 The workshop content is centred upon a booklet with the following exercises, each followed by a group discussion.

  • Survive/Thrive-a simple exercise that asks participants to list everything they feel they need to survive and everything they need to thrive.
  • Values-following on from the first exercise, participants are then asked to choose three values that are particularly important to them.
  • Things I Like-this exercise requires participants to list and illustrate the things that they like and enjoy most on a daily basis, they are encouraged to think as simply as possible.
  • Action Alphabet-taking into consideration the words and thoughts that arose in the previous three exercises, participants are asked to create an 'action alphabet' by tracing the letters and then writing the first word that comes to mind.
  • Eating Words-as a culmination of this workshop participants are asked to select one word that particularly resonated with them and that they would like to physically digest.  Together we create the magic of a collective ritual by writing the word with food colouring pens on edible rice paper, taking a moment to reflect on meaning of the word and then eating them together.