These workshops focus on highlighting the relevance of sustainable issues in relation to the participants interests.  Using the medium of simple and accessible poetry games, participants have the opportunity to construct a poem from a sustainability themed text and a poem from a selection of themes such as nature, travel, food, creativity and emotions.  Combining alternative lines or sections from each text, a poem is constructed that reflects the participants relationship and understanding of the topics and a conscious or unconscious desired narrative that they wish to construct.  This exercise is followed by group recitals of each poem and discussion on the feelings towards the process and subject matter.  

This workshop is suitable for schools and universities, corporations and galleries and museums who wish to explore the topic in a creative and informal way. 
Benefits include:

  • An introduction to Bohm Dialogue as a method to improve communication, and relationships
  • Improved listening skills
  • Explore sustainability issues in a relaxed and non-threatening way
  • Increased CSR engagement
  • Create dialogue on sustainability issues in relation to the self or business strategy
  • Encourages systems thinking and a more interconnected viewpoint on sustainability
  • Inspires and empowers participants through creative practice and group discussion to feel personally connected to issues of sustainability
  • Allows participants to experience creative writing techniques as a way to explore personal thinking
  • Contribute to participant well-being through participation in creative practice
  • Fun and accessible activity for all ages and gender

This workshop can be further supported by including exercises from my Sustaining Ourselves: Values Workshop.

Below is a selection of poems from previous workshops.