I offer a range of workshops that cover skills needed for effective communication, covering collaboration, relationship building, personal wellbeing and group intelligence.

An Introduction to Listening - 1 hour workshop

This short session introduces three modes of listening: listening to the self, listening to others and listening to the group. I use basic mindfulness practice, deep listening exercises, reflection on values and intentions behind effective listening, and an introduction to listening as a group of collective intelligence that is a fundamental skill of Bohm dialogue practice. 

Whole Body Listening for Wellbeing - half-day workshop

This half-day workshop focuses on the process of expanding our listening to pay attention to physiological emotional responses, feelings and choice, thoughts and assumptions and listening and judgement. This approach is particularly beneficial for people experiencing stressful situations or challenging relationships. I use basic mindfulness practice, non-violent communication techniques and creative play to facilitate a personal and experiential workshop.

Mindful Communication - Workshop series

This workshop is ideally delivered in four half-day sessions, with optional follow-up sessions for groups looking to improve relationships, build trust and sustain their personal and collective wellbeing. It explores skills related to mindfulness, non-violent communication and dialogue practices. Participants are guided through creative personal, partner and group activities that use creativity to improve understanding of the self, aid self-expression and create connection in a safe group environment. 

Why Mindful Communication?

To create environments that support psychological safety it is important to see the link between personal wellbeing and the quality of our relationships with others. Cultivating listening to understand, and transforming judgement into curiosity, not only improves relationships but provides opportunities for learning and growth.

Although I was sceptical about it at the start, I really did enjoy being able to express myself in a much more personal way than normal. The sessions made me a lot more confident in my ability to think a lot deeper about the ways in which talking out loud can really be a real force for powerful expression.' - previous workshop participant.

Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has been shown to improve the quality of thought and feeling, resulting in greater wellbeing, increased kindness and compassion towards others and improved attention and focus. By becoming aware of and observing our feelings and thoughts without judgement, we are able to identify and inquire into the underlying assumptions, feelings and beliefs that have caused them.

I think the workshop had a good balance of self-reflective activities and collaborative that allowed us to not only get to know each other better, but to get to know ourselves better.' - previous workshop participant

Why Creativity?

The creative methods used create a space for 100% participation, with opportunities for reflection and growth by providing the participants with a dialogic way to express and share learnings on a personal, pair and group level. Working with creative practices creates greater opportunities to discover new perspectives and gain greater understanding of the self and others, whilst contributing to the safety of the process, and engagement of the participants. 

I loved the creative tasks set. From the Lego to the play dough, they all showed me to think creatively in not just what the physical thing I am building-but also the mindset behind the original idea.' - previous workshop participant