I am dedicated to working towards positive social and environmental change through transformative learning, dialogue and creative practices. 

Through facilitated workshops using Bohm Dialogue and creative mediums including LEGO Serious Play, creative writing and making, my work encourages participants to explore various themes such as culture and values, gender equality and the relevance of sustainability to their lives.  
My work aims to provide a creative and engaging space for participants to create meaning in their lives by better understanding themselves; improving their relationships with others; and ultimately become more activated and engaged citizens, willing and empowered to contribute to positive change.  

I am a qualified LEGO SERIOUS PLAY facilitator and available to work freelance with groups and organisations looking to develop and grow using this methodology. I am available for sketchnoting meetings or conferences.  I am also happy to discuss any other workshop or project facilitation needs that would be suitably explored through my methods of creativity and dialogue.

I have previously run workshops at The Hospital Club, The School of Economic Science, Lights of Soho and 42 Acres.  I have spoken at The School of Economic Science and The Women Economic Forum 2017.

I am a Steering Ambassador for the CIC Alwayz Kreative, and have previously volunteered with the charities Fine Cell Work and Art Against Knives.  I am on the youth committee of The Hospital Club, contributing to their sustainability agenda.